Spray Mist Guardian™ Allergy nasal spray
Spray Mist Guardian™ Allergy nasal spray
Spray Mist Guardian™ Allergy nasal spray
Spray Mist Guardian™ Allergy nasal spray

Spray Mist Guardian™ Allergy nasal spray

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Spray Mist Guardian™

Spray Mist Guardian™ does not contain any medicine. The spray is purified water, sodium chloride, phenylcarbinol & benzalkonium chloride as preservatives. The effectiveness of this spray is the ability to utilize the filter to collect the pollen and allergens, then imprint the protection against these collected allergens into an effective medium.


Earthly Living Products, Spray Mist Guardian™ is made custom to counter the allergens that are surrounding your home or work. We provide you with Kit A which consists of plastic gloves to handle the filter you tape down to a board or furniture in the environment containing the allergen. This is typically the back yard of your home. The kit comes in a rigid envelope (keep this to send back the filter that has collected the pollen), you will receive a plastic bag with the filter in it. Keep this to ship back the filter in. The bag will contain your address and then record the date the sample was collected. Leave the sample in the target environment for 48 hours, if it rains leave it for another 24 hours to dry and collect more pollen and other allergens. Place the plastic gloves on both hands, remove the filter-collector from the board into the plastic bag. Record your address and the date you placed in the bag. Place the plastic bag with filter in it back in the rigid envelope and ship back to:

Earthly Living Products

PO Box 5566

Endicott, NY 13763


Record tracking number and date for proof of shipment.


Upon receipt, Earthly Living Products will take your sample and place into a machine that will analyze the collection samples and provide a counter solution that is copied into a high quality, saline nasal spray solution. The price includes two nasal sprays- one 45 cc bottle (1.5 fl oz) and one 22.5 cc bottle (0.76 fl oz), great for travel. You can mist these into your eyes or into your nasal passage. The counter effect on your burning eyes will burn for a brief period and then relief is immediate. The effect will be like other allergy sprays less the chemicals and very effective as it is custom matched for your local area. This will ship with in 24 hours after receipt of the Kit A filter.


* Complete Instructions 

* Reusable large Envelope- ship back sample in

* Return address Label

* Sample Filter to collect Pollen on with Clear bag to log in your order number and your address to ship to. 


* Spray Mist Guardian 2 bottles- 1.5 fl. oz. & .76 fl oz. 

 Most spray allergy protection are to react to airborne particles that are common across the U.S.  This alternative approach is customized to provide relief against the pollen and allergens at your local home or work.

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