Antioxidants Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Silica Hydride with Microcluster® technology, the active ingredient in MegaH® and MegaHydrate®, has been shown in numerous published scientific studies as an antioxidant compound. The negatively-charged hydrogen ions react with free radicals to neutralize the harmful effects of the radicals. These free radicals, more correctly called reactive oxygen species (ROS), if not combated, accumulate in the body and create an environment called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has been scientifically proven to be either a direct cause or closely related to the inception of cancer, eye disorders, blood and vascular diseases, heart problems and organ failure.
The problem with some antioxidants lies in the nature of chemical reactions in that the substance that reacts to neutralize the free radical becomes a radical, sometimes toxic to the cell and the cells around it. Phi Sciences’ published research, conducted in-house as well as by prestigious universities, shows that the unique formulation and chemistry of Silica Hydride ensures sure that no toxic byproduct is created.
Specifically, Silica Hydride has been tested for effectiveness against the most harmful, as well as abundant, ROS including, but not limited to, singlet oxygen, superoxide, and hydroxyl radicals. In all the tests, Silica Hydride not only eliminated the ROS by neutralizing them, but did not become a radical itself and did not create any toxic environment. The byproduct of most of the reactions between Silica Hydride and a radical is water.
Comparing the effectiveness of Silica Hydride on ROS to other natural, and even synthetic, antioxidant compounds clearly shows that Silica Hydride is 800% more effective than either Green Tea or Grape Seed Extracts. For more information on the antioxdant capacity of Silica Hydride, visit “Why Take MegaHydrate“.
The FDA and USDA, along with physicians, clinicians, and nutritionists, are recommending that diets contain more antioxidants. Research to date shows that Silica Hydride, the active ingredient in the Phi Sciences products MegaH™ and MegaHydrate™, are more powerful than any other known antioxidants.