Quantum Wave Scalar Laser Pain Relief, Skin, Antiaging, Inflammation,
Quantum Wave Scalar Laser Pain Relief, Skin, Antiaging, Inflammation,
Quantum Wave Scalar Laser Pain Relief, Skin, Antiaging, Inflammation,

Quantum Wave Scalar Laser Pain Relief, Skin, Antiaging, Inflammation,

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Quantum Scalar Wave Laser

pink case

comes with charger & manual 

1 year manufacturer's warranty

FDA cleared device

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Scalar Wave Lasers are a powerful technology that literally erases damaged cell memories and revolutionize the way your body heals. The Scalar Wave Laser incorporates 5 Healing Energy Technologies into an Ultra-Portable Healing device, enabling you to completely transmute and release painful, traumatic, and otherwise problematic cell-memories. The SWL offers a powerful and yet gentle technology. They use Laser light, energy, HZ frequencies, Scalar Waves and polarity to clear damaged cell memories, while simultaneously providing cellular energy. SWL also significantly reduces inflammation, which is at the heart of most major diseases today.


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Used in treatment of:

  • arthritis 
  • stiff joints
  • pain and discomfort
  • muscle tension and spasms
  • spinal disorders
  • musculoskeletal conditions
  • dental problems, TMJ, gums
  • infections
  • pain relief
  • fibromyalgia
  • Lyme disease

    Cold lasers have been shown to speed up recovery from surgeries and injuries, rejuvenating ailing systems. Scalar Wave Laser is the most advanced and versatile Cold Laser Therapy Technology on the market today. 


    • Organic natural sine wave generation
    • Infrared and red low level laser light technology
    • Registered with the FDA as a Class I laser device based on research by Underwriters Laboratories
    • 11 programmed frequency settings. Allows for programming of custom settings.


    Major Benefits of Scalar Waves Include:

    1. Eliminates and nullifies the effects of man-made frequencies in the human body (cellphones, computers, WiFi, microwaves, and other sources.)
    2. Increases the energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70-90 millivolt range.
    3. Improves immune function by as much as 149% as proven in laboratory studies.
    4. Cleanses the blood, improving triglyceride levels, as well as protein and fat particles floating in the blood.
    5. Improves cell wall permeability thus facilitating the intake of nutrients into each and every cell and the elimination of waste from each and every cell.
    6. Decreases the surface tension of substances such as food, water, and supplements, thus enhancing the body’s ability to assimilate and hydrate.
    7. Inhibits the uptake of noradrenaline to support better mood.
    8. Balances the hemispheres of the brain as measured by EEG tests.
    9. Improves focus as demonstrated by increased amplitude of EEG frequencies.
    10. Catalyzes heightened state of awareness and creativity. 

    The unit is manufactured in the USA, by Stellar Lasers LLC in Worcester, Vermont. The hand-held unit consists of 16 laser diodes ranging in wavelength from 650 nm(red) to 780 nm (near infrared). It also features unique violet LEDs with an arrow beam width to help soften the light. The total power output is approximately 80 mW (milliwatts) excluding the LED output which is 100 mW additional power. 

    'The Scalar Wave Laser is a holistic therapeutic tool, which is made up of multiple healing technologies all in a compact, portable, hand-held device. It generates powerful coherent healing laser energy from the two most researched and utilized healing laser spectrums, providing a total of 40 mW of Red Laser energy and 40 mW of Infrared Laser energy. It also provides a total of 100 mW of narrow beam Violet LED light healing energy. Meanwhile creating an energized Scalar Wave field, that sends multiple waves of therapeutic healing energy into the body'.

    Latest model
    Preprogrammed with multiple treatment protocols

    Comes with pre-programmed settings listed below:

    Unwinding unwinds cell memory, stress and tension from the body, cells and energy. It is great to use on old injuries and on any situation which has stress, tension and contraction. The basic gist of this program is the dissolving of contracted cellular memory and the return to the natural state of ease.

    Quantum is about shifting energy back into the quantum state. It works in a similar fashion to the Unwinding Program only it does so on the energetic level. It is a very popular program which works great on all cells, organs, chakras and anywhere that is tense and contracted.

    Relieve is a favorite for pain and injuries. It works to dissolve and relieve stress, tension, injuries and pain.

    Pleo is a detox and immune activation program. It is based on research of the pleomorphic somatidian life cycle – and in particular the regenerative state of the somatid. Research has shown that these tiny point of light within the blood go through a number of different life cycles some indicative of disease while others reflective of health and wellness. Our goal here is to unwind, normalize and activate the somatid to its regenerative state.

    Activate is based on higher dimensional quantum DNA physics and the principle of subtle regenerative coherence. This program is great for injuries, pain, and any cellular regeneration.

    Rejuv is designed to activate the lymph system. In particular it is to induce the electrons into a high spin state. When electron shift into a high spin state they phase shift into an ether state such as the lymph, cranial sacral, brain, sexual and glandular substances. This program is really a higher dimensional wellness program to induce this high spin alchemical state.

    Soothe is a very soothing program for injuries, pain and stress. It works great by dissolving tension.

    Unity is a beautiful program for neutralizing anything and everything - and shifting into unity. It works wonderfully through the violet laser light in processing information into the Quantum State.

    Vital is about activating the inner cellular energy. It is great for activating the immune response, activating oxygen and electrons, detoxification and clarifying energy, regeneration and wellness.

    Cohere Program brings structure to the body and field. It is about organizing, processing and actualizing energy in-formation. It normalizes all cells, body systems and chakras into the one integrated field space. The body is designed in and of coherence and all health and or disease is simply the reflection of how coherent we are and how efficiently we can process information (information).

    Wave is for dissolving all cells and phenomena into one wave essence and then allowing that wave to expand into consciousness.

    The CUSTOM section enables the user to be able to try, program and save your own protocols.