Oxygen Treatment Therapy  Mother Earth Minerals

Oxygen Treatment Therapy Mother Earth Minerals

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Product Description
Oxygen Treatment and Therapy produces the mineral catalyst referred to as“glyoxilide”.  When taken as instructed, the O.T.T. mineral catalyst is completely non-toxic and safe.  When the catalyst is absorbed into the bloodstream and encounters carbon/glucose molecules, large amounts of OXYGEN is indeed created, and harmful NITROGEN is reduced.  In turn, the free oxygen destroys anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites the way NATURE intended – through the mechanism of OXIDATION in much the same way as OZONE IN WATER destroys the same harmful pathogens.
Comes in a set of 2 - 1/2 OZ Bottles.
First Bottle:
Mineral Reagent (LCD 1)
Alkaline pH 13.8
38% Concentrate of MgCl, NaCl, Distilled Water
Second Bottle:
Mineral Activator (LCD 2)
Acid pH 2.6
50% Concentration of Natural Fruit Acid (Pineapple and Lemon) and Distilled Water.
Recommended Usage: (For best results, use distilled water only)
Combine 1 DROP of Reagent (LCD1) with 1 DROP of Activator (LCD 2) with a few drops water.  Swirl together.  Wait 3 minutes.  Then add 30 mil of distilled water, hold in the mouth and under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing.  
Take 1 -2 times daily.  
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