Essential Oil Blend - Truth ™-

Essential Oil Blend - Truth ™-

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5 ml, .17 fl. oz. Can be diffused or placed topically

Highest quality control of pure organic grown trees and plants, with the repeatable process controls to produce the highest energy essential oil through a distillation process. Ingredients 100% pure, therapeutic-Grade essential Oils

Use For: Promotes energy/emotional balance, confidence, mental focus, spiritual grounding, awareness, healthy skin  and calming.

Ingredients: Rose, Roman Chamomile, pure vegetable oil, Myrrh, Frankincense, Cedar wood, Bergamot,  and Petitgrain. ( order listed highest concentration to lowest concentration)

Promotes: Inspiring elevated atmosphere, refreshing, uplifting, spiritual grounding, calming, radiant skin/hair, fresh air, comforting, calming, cleansing your home or office.

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