Cancer  Mother Earth Minerals

Cancer Mother Earth Minerals

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Any of various malignant neoplasms characterized by the proliferation of anplastic cells that tend to invade surrounding tissue and metastasize to new body sites. Cancer is not something one "catches", rather, it is directly caused by a malfunction in the cellular DNA. Because Cancer is actually one's own cells misbehaving, there truly can never be any "cure" for the condition - only PREVENTION and REGENERATION!  Cancer does not kill, as all cancer really is your very own cells that have somehow started to mutate.  What kills the body is the restriction of vital nutrients to other "healthy cells" and the body slowly starves to death from lack of vital nutrients.  This protocol is designed to increase inter-cellular "communication" cycles, and help repair and regenerate "damaged" DNA.  Once this happens, cancer cells often return to their "normal" state of existence.  This "miracle" is known as "spontaneous regression" - and happens quite often.   

This Package contains the following products:
· Calcium 2 OZ Bottle
· Chromium 2 OZ Bottle
· Copper 2 OZ Bottle
· Germanium 2 OZ Bottle
· Gold 2 OZ Bottle
· Magnesium 2 OZ Bottle
· Manganese 2 OZ Bottle
· Molybdenum 2 OZ Bottle
· Platinum 2 OZ Bottle
· Potassium 2 OZ Bottle
· Selenium 2 OZ Bottle
· Silver 2 OZ Bottle
· Sulfur 2 OZ Bottle
· Vanadium 2 OZ Bottle
· Ultimatium 1/2 OZ Bottle
· Mineral of Life 2 OZ Bottle
· Zinc 2 OZ Bottle

· Liposomal Vitamin C

· Essential Earth Enzymes 8 OZ bottle (Proteolytic enzymes, SOD – Super Oxide Dismutase)
· Oxygen Treatment Therapy
·Free Wellness Secrets For Life Book

Recommended packages are intended as a starter kit. Depending on each application, certain minerals will not last as long as others. If an individual mineral is consumed sooner than the rest, we have 8oz refill bottles available for all of the minerals except Indium and Ultimatium.

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