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So with these basic facts understood, what makes Mother Earth Minerals superior?  The first difference is in the WATER medium in which we place the minerals themselves.  We use ONLY medicinal-grade steam-distilled water with less than .3 PPM of totally dissolved solids (TDS) measured.   Water has memory.  It’s not good enough to simply filter contaminants from the water through the process of Reverse Osmosis or Deionization.   Not only does 1-3 PPM of contaminants remain after a typical R.O. process, but the treated water actually retains the “frequency” of the toxins that were removed.   The same is true of Deionization.  It is therefore highly counterproductive to add individual minerals to base water that is remains contaminated with harmful residue frequencies.   It must be understood that the potency and effectiveness of any water-soluble mineral is only as good as the water the mineral is placed in.  Steam distillation effectively “rebirths” the water molecule, freeing it of all prior frequencies. It is the closest replication we have to the natural water cycle.

Secondly, we also utilize the highest possible purity in the minerals themselves.  Our mineral elements are certified by independent labs to be 99.9% pure.   We simply place extremely pure elements in the purest water possible.   We do not harvest our supplements from the Great Salt Lake.   Regardless of promotional hype to the contrary, Great Salt Lake water is loaded with toxic contaminants – and leaching does not remove them, it only concentrates them.

Third, once our minerals solutes are produced, we employ a proprietary process called “redoxing” before the product is bottled for final sale.  This is a process of electromagnetic enhancement of the biophoton/electron base of the solute.  In simplistic terms, the process basically adds biophotons and electrons to the water and mineral atomic structure.  This increases the mineral’s effectiveness and bio-availability a hundredfold.  

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